Weight Loss Consultation

Once your medical questionnaire is read by Michelle, she will advise if the programme is suitable for you and if you met the strict medical criteria then you will be given a consultation where your weight, height and % body fat will be recorded.  She will discuss the product, how it works, the side effects that can occur and how to cope with them.

At this stage, if you are happy to proceed, she will prescribe your pen from the pharmacy that will be delivered to your home normally the next day. You will also be shown how to use the pen so you are ready when it arrives and given access to the closed Facebook support page.

We will also get you scheduled for 3D body scanning, a state of the art device that will track and show you the changes in body shape and composition that are happening.

Michelle is uniquely placed to offer advice and support on this product having used it personally to lose over 2 stone and many inches as you can see in the image below.

To enter the programme, we need to know you a bit better to ensure the programme is suitable for you. The NMWLP have developed a secure online questionnaire that you fill in that helps us build a picture of your weight loss requirement.

Complete your free weight loss eligibility check by clicking the button below.