Nose Fillers

Many people dislike the shape of their nose and being such a prominent feature can be hard to hide.  Non-surgical rhinoplasty  is an alternative to expensive and inconvenient nose surgery that uses the latest generation of dermal fillers to reshape the nose with remarkable results.

Fillers can help to correct the shape of the nose, evening out bumps and humps to make the nose less obtrusive. More often, a little filler to bring out the chin or cheeks can also be used to improve the facial proportions.


Procedure time



Mild – Moderate


Numbing cream

Recovery time

A few days


9 -12 months



Using precise injecting techniques, this advanced cosmetic treatment allows for a range of requirements:

  • Straightening the nose by building up depressions and dips
  • Smoothing out humps
  • Make a broad nose appear narrower
  • Building out a flat nasal bridge
  • Create a more pleasing nose tip shape
  • Reduce nostril size
  • Making an asymmetrical nose more even

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is an advanced procedure and carried out in an area of the face that contains significant blood vessels and as such we cannot stress enough that this procedure should only be undertaken by medically trained staff.