A life changing approach

Weight loss injections work by significantly reducing your appetite, slowing digestion and making you feel fuller. This means that you eat smaller portions and fewer calories than what you’d normally consume.

When you’ve eaten, your body naturally produces an appetite hormone that helps to regulate hunger. After you’ve had food, the appetite hormone tells your body that you’ve eaten and that you’re satisfied. However, this naturally-produced hormone only lasts for a short while.

Weight loss injections mimic this appetite hormone, but they last for much longer than that body’s naturally produced version for upto 7 days. This means that you feel fuller for longer after meals, meaning that you eat smaller portions. As you’ll feel more satisfied after meals, you should also notice a reduction in snacking, also helping to reduce the amount of calories that you’d normally eat.

By reducing the amount of food that you eat, your calorie intake will reduce and you should start to lose weight.

Weight loss injections should be used alongside a healthy diet and exercise. If you’ve already been eating healthily before starting treatment, you should only notice a reduction in appetite rather than feeling like you’re restricting certain foods from your diet.

Frequently asked questions.

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